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Delivery of your equipment outside your residence after trying it in the centre's stores.

Collect your equipment without trying it in just a few minutes if it is already registered.


At Intersport La Rosière / Les Eucherts, the team of skimen are on hand to maintain and repair your ski equipment in a fully automated workshop.


Sole moulding

Sole moulding is the first step in caring for your skis. The Intersport La Rosiére/Les Eucherts skimen fill in holes in your skis and snowboards by using P. Tex, which is heated and spread on the soles. An essential first step for repairing your ski equipment! 

Stone finishing and sharpening

The ski is first laid out flat and structured in a digital processor in order to optimise the soles for maximum glide. The ski is passed over a stone machine which will give it its final structure. Your edges are kept sharp thanks to the Skidwintersteiger robot, which allows for very precise sharpening to optimise the edge grip and give good curve support. 


The main step in maintaining a ski or snowboard sole is waxing. Applying wax to a sole protects it and optimises the glide. Waxing begins with cleaning the sole, which is also known as "dewaxing", the wax application, scraping, brushing and then the finishing.


Sole thermoforming

At Intersport La Rosiére /Les Eucherts, our technicians perform two types of sole thermoforming: they either use a standard sole (Conform’able soles) or they adjust your soles to the anatomy of your feet.

Thanks to sole thermoforming, your feet will be more comfortable in your shoes: so you will have greater precision when you ski.

Online ski hire

Book online and get the Internet rates. Intersport La Rosière / Les Eucherts offers you an online hire service for skis and snowboards with secure payment:

1.      pack solutions  for the whole family

2.      quality material selected from the top brands

3.     also available for rent in the store:  snowshoescross country skissledges and pushchairs.

To see all of our packs and the online booking procedure, click here.

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